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We are car guys and saw a big problem that needed a fix. Performance cars with the Brembo brakes don't come with a spare tire. You can't buy this kit at a dealer. Their rims won't clearance the Brembo brake caliper. This kit was developed to fit over the Brembo brakes on your car, and available here only.

If you get a large hole or tear in the side wall of your tire you're done! This was my experience half way between Phoenix and Los Angeles. After being pulled up on a flatbed, having the lower spoiler on my car broken, my rim broken, the tire pressure sensor trashed having to rent a car go back to Tucson get a new rim and sensor, the whole fiasco cost me $4200.00 and two wasted days.

Now you can do away with the costly run flat tires which ride rough and don't handle worth a crap, to a better handling tire for less money.

Best of all this kit will fit down in the trunk well, (on most models) out of sight, not wasting  your trunk space !!!



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